NEWS: A Tipco 100% Juices Incident

My officemate made "kwento" while we're having our lunch about an incident with her latest purchase of Tipco juice. She's been into "healthy" stuff for quite some time and trying those organic healthy food and drinks. She even introduced me to the product and I even liked it especially the cranberry juice variant. 

It's not even EXPIRED.

After patronizing the product for months, she found out last week that something's weird with her newly purchased Tipco Juice. She used to buy the Aloe Vera variant since it's her favorite. While she's pouring some of the juice  in her tumbler, she and her husband observed black particles on the juice itself making them wonder why it looks like that way. Out of curiosity, they open the juice container and they're really SURPRISED what they found out inside.

unidentified black particles remain on the tumbler after throwing the juice

This is what inside the BOX.

Quoting from her post: "I love tipco juices but after what we have discovered today, i wont buy it anymore and im not recommending it as well. ‪#‎insidetipco‬. The story: we opened the entire thing because we saw black particles coming out from the juice box (see the glass with black particles). We got curious whats inside that's causing the black particles and a super yucky thing was inside."

She already filed an incident report and still waiting on how the management will react on this.

You decide.

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