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Ever experienced a headache? Most likely, you answered "yes." One of the most prevalent illnesses is headaches, and there are many different forms of headaches that one might get. A tension headache, often known as a stress headache, is the most common type of headache.

A band of discomfort around the head or the sensation that both sides of the head are being squeezed tightly are common descriptions of stress headaches. It can also cause more chronic sorts of headaches and is frequently mistaken for a migraine, particularly when it is extremely painful.

A stress headache, as its name suggests, is typically brought on by an accumulation of stress in the body. There are two: chronic and episodic. When compared to chronic stress headaches, episodic stress headaches are frequently brought on by a single stressful event. Family issues or being overloaded at work are a few examples of conditions that might help stress headaches progress.

Small but frequent stressors or triggers, such as eye strain brought on by too much screen time, sleep deprivation or sleeplessness, emotional or mental stress, dehydration, skipping meals, or even catching a cold, can all contribute to the onset of a headache.

Dealing with the source of your stress and making undesirable lifestyle changes are two long-term solutions for stress headaches. Stress headaches can be greatly reduced by being hydrated, getting enough sleep, limiting screen time, and eating on schedule.

There are over-the-counter medications you can use to treat your headache, such as Acetaffein, which has caffeine and paracetamol as its major constituents, if you require immediate relief. The popular painkiller Paracetamol is an analgesic and an antipyretic, and caffeine increases the medicinal effects of Paracetamol by reducing inflammation. This combination can start working within 30 minutes and has been clinically confirmed to be useful in reducing headaches, particularly tension headaches.

Everyday life is stressful enough. Do not let the stress get to your head, and stop the pain before it gets worse.

Acetaffein is available in all drugstores nationwide. As with all medications, consult with your physician first before use. Not advisable for pregnant women, individuals with impaired kidney functions, or have hypersensitivity to Paracetamol or Caffeine. To know more about the product, you may log on to www.leapnmpc.com.

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