#CulturePH - Having eye drops in your daily bag is a smart self-care move!

When it comes to our daily grab-and-go essentials, things like handy oil blotting paper, sunsticks, lip balms, and therapeutic essential oils are definite mainstays. They offer quick ways to help us look and feel great while on the go. Be a pro and cover all the bases by adding eye drops to your everyday self-care bag. 

From walking along bustling city streets to staying glued to screens for both work and leisure, your eyes endure a lot in your day-to-day life. It’s easy to overlook them until they’re already tired or irritated—red, dry, and itchy. Eye drops help by providing moisture when your eyes aren’t making enough of their own, while also reducing friction and discomfort. No more rubbing the eyes, which can even cause irritation and infection. And when adding eye drops to your self-care arsenal, you can never go wrong with the world’s number 1 eye care brand Rohto. 

The trusted Japanese brand is offering the first and only cooling eye drops in the Philippines with Rohto Cool Eye Drops providing instant relief and cooling from minor eye discomforts due to smoke, dust, wind, sun glare, and chlorinated water or from eye strain after extended screen time. Apart from washing out debris from eyes, they can also prevent dryness and germ infection all while nourishing the eyes at the same time. 

A unique and refreshing way to get soothing comfort, Rohto Cool Eye Drops are great for waking up sleepy eyes, a must when driving or pulling an all-nighter for study or work. If you’re looking for something with a gentle and moisturizing formula with the same benefits, pick Rohto Aqua Eye Drops. 

Whichever you prefer, these handy eye drops are formulated by Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan, which has over a century of experience in producing safe and effective eye products. The whole production process is fully automated under a controlled environment that’s designed to meet the highest standards. Made with precision and care, applying the eye drops is also a breeze as Rohto’s patented nozzle ensures a precise no-mess drop at any angle. They are also suitable for use with or without contact lenses for your convenience. 

Get instant and effective relief with the unique Rohto Cool Eye Drops or the gentle Rohto Aqua Eye Drops in your everyday bag. Find them at any Watsons store, or shop online through Watsons Online Shop and through the official Mentholatum stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Discover the refreshing world of Rohto eye drops and say bye to minor eye discomforts, follow Rohto on Facebook @rohtoph and Instagram @rohtoeyedropsph and visit their website at https://rohtoeyedrops.com.ph

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