#TechPH - Transform Shots and Be The Portrait Master: Game-Changing Mobile Photography Tips using realme 12 Pro+ 5G

In the digital age, recording moments with a camera has become essential. Many people use photography to share their memories with their loved ones and internet followers, rather than just preserve them. On March 16, last year, realme held a photowalk in Escolta, Manila, to launch the Portrait Master Academy. Stephen Capuchino, a business photographer, led this and demonstrated to the Squad how to perfect portraiture with the realme 12 Pro+ 5G.

Capuchino also shares the latest tips on maximizing the flagship camera technology of realme’s newest device:

Capture movie-like images 

The realme 12 Pro+ 5G allows users to achieve next-level portraits. Simply choose an attractive or eye-catching outdoor background and shoot during the golden hour right before sunset or just after sunrise. After getting that perfect shot, elevate the tone and feel of the photo with realme’s Portrait Mode, and makes shots more appealing by applying movie-like filters co-created by Oscar-winning cinematographer, Claudio Miranda. These filters are also present when using Photo Mode and Street Mode. 

(Commercial photographer Stephen Capuchino. Photo taken on Portrait Mode, with the Maverick Filter. One of the three filters of the realme 12 Pro+ 5G)

Choose between the following filters, based on iconic Hollywood movies:

Journey: This dream-like tone is inspired by Life of Pi and features yellow tones and high-contrast colors

Memory: The cold tones and low-saturation colors evoke a calm and capable vibe similar to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Maverick: The yellow-green tones, high contrast, and high noise create a retro film-like vibe like Top Gun: Maverick

Get ready for pixel-peeping

The ever-evolving mobile photography game has made users particular about zooming into the pixels and checking for high-quality resolution. This phenomenon is known as pixel-peeping.

Image courtesy of Stephen Capuchino (Photo of Don Roman Santos Building, taken on Hi-Res mode of realme 12 Pro+ 5G)

For pixel peepers, an essential feature on the realme 12 Pro+ 5G is its 50MP Sony IMX890 OIS Camera - it has the capacity for a large amount of light intake for better photos. Using the Hi-Res mode at 1x allows full resolution shots with solid detail. This mode is best used for taking highly intricate architecture and cropping photos to find the best dimensions.

Take shots from any distance 

Shooting from a distance may result in low-quality images, but that won’t be the case with the realme 12 Pro+ 5G’s 64MP Periscope Camera. The Periscope Camera allows users to take well-composed photos of their subjects without having to move an inch from where they’re standing.  The Periscope Camera of the realme 12 Pro+ 5G has 3x Optical Zoom, 6x In-Sensor Zoom, and up to 120x SuperZoom. 

Image courtesy of Stephen Capuchino (Don Roman Santos Building in Escolta, Manila, taken on the realme 12 Pro+ 5G and with the 3x Optical Zoom of the 64MP Periscope Camera)

It uses an Omnivision 64B Sensor (1/2” Sensor Size) and supports Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). It is also calibrated with realme’s Cinematic Bokeh Algorithms that process photos to make them more natural and have better separation from the subject and the surrounding background.

Image courtesy of Stephen Capuchino (Don Roman Santos Building in Escolta,  Manila, taken on the realme 12 Pro+ 5G with 6x In-Sensor Zoom of the 64MP Periscope Camera)

With the various optical zooms offered by the Periscope Camera, users can take detailed shots of musicians at big concerts, sporting events with large crowds, and other faraway subjects. The camera can also clearly capture celestial events like full moons and eclipses. Click “Photo” on the camera panel to access the Periscope Camera, and pinch or drag the slider to zoom in or out.

Image courtesy of Stephen Capuchino (Don Roman Santos Building in Escolta,  Manila, taken on the realme 12 Pro+ 5G  while maximizing the zoom capabilities of the 64MP Periscope Camera)

Whether seeking to preserve cherished memories or expressing different emotions through photos, the realme 12 Pro+ 5G’s cutting-edge technologies open up thrilling possibilities.

The realme 12 Pro+ 5G retails for only P25,999 and comes in two colorways: Submarine Blue and Navigator Beige. Catch the realme 12 Pro+ 5G on realme’s official offline stores and at Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. 

Get ready for the next leg of the Portrait Master Academy Photowalk

Apply the tips shared by Stephen Capuchino by joining the next leg of the realme Portrait Master Academy on March 23, 2024, in Baguio, led by content creator and portrait photographer Karl Patacsil. To learn more details about the next leg, visit the realme Philippines Community's official Facebook page and engage with like-minded photography enthusiasts. Gain entry to a wide range of realme photography tips, engaging events, captivating photo contests, and timely updates. 

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