#FoodPH - The Marcelino Cafe Buffet Experience!

There aren't many dining experiences that compare to the abundance and diversity of a buffet. A buffet is a popular option for both people and families since it provides a mouthwatering array of foods to suit a wide range of preferences and appetites. But with food so readily available, it's simple to slip into a wasteful and overindulgent mindset. Making the most of your buffet experience and enjoying every mouthful requires taking a calculated and smart strategy.

I was fortunate enough to be invited at Marcelino Cafe, located at Manila Prince Hotel, Ermita Manila, to try out their dinner buffet. Since I am excited when I received the invite, I made it a point to arrive early to check the dishes and take some photos and video before I indulge with it.

I am surprised that it has more than 10 stations to choose from. The spread comprises of Indian Station, Grill Station, Filipino Station, Chinese Station, Salad Bar, Bread Bar, Streetfood Bar, Japanese Station, Korean Station and Dessert Station. 

One common mistake people are making when in a buffet is that they eat really fast. Taking your time and savoring your food is preferable than to wolfing it down quickly. Your digestion will benefit from this, and you might even avoid feeling bloated. My first plate was from the Japanese Station. I was curious about the Tanigue and Lapu-Lapu sashimi as this is not the usual Tuna and Salmon that other buffet restaurants are offering. Fresh tanigue has a firm texture with relatively mild flavor, and a slight hint of acidity. I went back to the chef and asked for one more serving because it's really good.

Second plate was comprised of Tempura, Katsu and Okonomiyaki. I like how faithful the food are with other Japanese restaurants that I've tried. On the salad side, I enjoyed their Kimchi. The flavors of their kimchi is acidic, spicy, slightly sour with a hint of sweetness and it has a sense of umami from the fermentation process. 

I did not miss to have a slice of Lechon with its crispy skin. It's perfectly paired with their version of liver sauce but the dish can stand on its own. Very tasty and juicy.

TRIVIA: Did you know that some of the dishes served here are from Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang? Yes. That is because Manila Prince Hotel is managed by Manila Hotel. Some of the buffet items that are from Manila Hotel are the famous Chocolate Barks in dessert station. The Almond cookies, chocolate chip cookies, broas, banana bread and assorted bread are also from their sister hotel. The rest? I'll leave that to you and check when you visit Marcelino Cafe.

Aside from the number of stations offering a wide variety of food choices, at 899 (originally priced at 1500) nett per person for lunch/dinner and 540 nett per person for breakfast, it is a steal! Hurry up because this special price is until March 18 only. 

Highlighting points that I love:

  • Large, comfortable seats that are more than sufficient to hold a lot of people.
  • The staff and waiters were kind, helpful, and attentive to the needs of the customers.
  • Serves food from around the world.
  • Has an abundance of excellent, high quality dishes
  • Keeps everything tidy and orderly despite the big number of happy and hungry patrons

Overall, I am very satisfied with my Marcelino Cafe Buffet Experience. 

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