Work hard, play hard at Alviera GO PLAY!

Something's new from Alviera! Alviera Go Play is the latest addition in the play area of Alviera, Porac Pampanga. Join me as I share to you what one can expect from this interactive and fun offering.

What is Alviera Go Play?

Alviera is hosting the perfect event for families, friends and even work colleagues to cap off their summer. We’re inviting everyone on Saturday, June 11, to join us for Alviera Go Play, the world’s first game show-inspired playground.

We’ve set up a play area in Alviera in Porac, Pampanga that takes cues from popular TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout and Gladiators. Here, fun is taken to a whole new level with bouncy inflatables, foam, relay games, mental challenges and a bunch of wacky games you can enjoy with your friends. It will be open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Registration to the event starts one off with 10 points for a Regular Go player and 20 points for an Extreme Go Player. Like a huge outdoor arcade, each crazy fun activity requires a point to participate in. Every successful activity during the day wins you tickets. Some activities provide more tickets than others. If you run out of points, there are point refill packages available.

You can eventually exchange your collected tickets at the Prize Area for souvenir prizes like a stuffed toy, t-shirt, gadgets or perhaps even win the grand prize of a trip for 4 to Boracay.

What are the activities we can enjoy in Alviera Go Play?


Wacky Inflatable Challenge – Bounce, crawl, climb and conquer the course in less than 2 minutes.
Breakout Philippines Escape Room Game – Sample the country’s premier escape room game! Form a team, find clues and escape before time runs out.
The Drink Challenge – Slip and slide to get your bottled beverage’s contents on to a giant mug. Then run and tag your teammates during this relay. Finally, all of you must slip and slide back to your mug and sip the mug empty with straws.
Binocular Basketball – Can you manage 3 lay-ups in 2 minutes wearing a binocular helmet?
Human Foosball – Exactly what it sounds like, with players stuck to a moving pole and tasked with scoring a goal.
Agawan Base – Zorb Edition – Charge your way to an enemy’s base in the ultimate roll-around costume. Roll, bounce and repeat, all while in a zorb ball.
Explore the Unknown – Collect objects from different containers while blindfolded to win the prize. Nothing icky in there, right? Maybe.
Dizzy Penalty Kick – Spin around and then make a dizzy attempt to score a penalty kick, with 4 other competitors around you.
The Gladiator – Face off against an opponent on the pedestal platform while everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at you. First one to do 5 knockdowns wins!
Sumo Relay – Race against time in sumo suits!
Photo Mission – Here are 10 pictures for your team to replicate as accurately as possible. Submit them anytime you think you’ve got them perfect.
Brain Games – Your team has got to put its head together for some mind exercises to solve puzzles and illusions.
Communication Game – A team member must direct his mates to correctly arrange items on the floor, except they’re all blindfolded.
Caterpillar Run – The team steps inside a circular tarpaulin track and must walk in unison as the track passes through their hands. Sounds simple but can you do it within 3 minutes?


Buzzingo – An absurdly fun version of Bingo (yes, Bingo!) that will only be played 3 times during the day. It will not require points to participate but players will have to risk their tickets for Bingo cards. Winning will get you 1,000 tickets!
Extreme Jack & Poy – Risk 5 tickets and try to win 6 consecutive battles in a contest that knows no age, skill, experience or gender. The winner takes all the tickets of the losing individual.


Foam Bash – Dance around the foam pit set up in front of the stage every hour as local DJs spin some cool summer hits.
Inflatable Play Area – Open for children 13 years old and below.
Food Stalls – Players and visitors won’t go hungry with a wide array of food entres.

How much will registration cost?

Regular Go Player – P800 entitled to 10 points
Extreme Go Player – P1,200 entitled to 20 points
Go Kids Player – P400 entitled to 10 points

Kids must be at least 4-feet tall to participate in any activity.

How do we register for Alviera Go Play?

Visit for payment options. You can pay online, or via bank deposit, or via walk-in to the Breakout Philippines offices along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. 

On-site registration in Alviera on June 11, 2016 is also accepted but will be limited only!

Will we be able to play in SandBox as well with these Go Player tickets?

Alviera Go Play will be held inside the SandBox. Visitors will have an option to purchase discounted tickets to try SandBox attractions on that day.

Do I have to pay entrance fees if I won’t participate in any Go Play activities?

No. Spectators are welcome to enjoy the sights and sounds of Alviera Go Play, dance in the foam pit, take pictures, hang out and munch on goodies from food vendors. There will be some areas off limits and areas exclusively for players only. We ask that these spaces be respected for everyone’s safety.

To try any of the SandBox attractions, visitors will have to purchase discounted tickets available on that day.

How many people are expected at Alviera Go Play?

We’re expecting visitors and players from Metro Manila, Pampanga and other nearby provinces. Like many Alviera events in the SandBox, attendance usually hits the thousands.

Why is Alviera hosting such an event?

Alviera is a mixed-use, masterplanned estate of Ayala Land, Inc. envisioned to be the region’s foremost lifestyle and business center in the near future. The SandBox, with its many adventure park attractions, is its initial feature. We see it as a taste of the fun and exciting experiences Alviera holds, all done with great respect for the area’s natural landscape.

Alviera has hosted a number of signature events and Go Play once again offers that uniquely fun experience that the estate has become known for.

Will I see you there? Come and enjoy the fun!

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