Why leaving my day job is the BEST DECISION EVER!

I just resigned from my day job and I am totally happy that I actually did it. Being in a 9am-5pm schedule sort of limits my potential to perform whatever endeavor I am in. I am sharing you 6 reasons why I am glad leaving my day job and considered it as the best decision ever!

1. There’s too much heat and anghit.

Working on a dayshift will expose you to too much heat especially if you’re working on a 9am to 5pm schedule. Your chance of having a skin cancer goes higher because of this. It’s summer season in the Philippines as you know and it’s always possible that the one seated next to you sweats a lot. The bad part is if this sweat becomes a body odor I bet you can’t take and the worst part is if the body odor comes from you. At least, if you’re not going to a day job, you decrease the chances of exposing yourself with heat and anghit. Hahaha. Just don’t forget to keep your lifestyle as clean as possible. Proper hygiene helps a lot people! 

2. Traffic no more!

Commuting is an unpaid work and I know that you know that. Rush hour in the morning starts 7am until 9am. That is why pursuing a different career from of the usual gives me more time for other stuff. Traffic is a major time waster which everyone needs to accept. And we hate to admit we have to bring a lot of things with us just to be entertained while stuck in traffic. (I am currently doing a separate article which will give you ideas on things to do while stuck on traffic) Leaving my day job leaves me carefree with regards to travelling or commuting. It would be less hassle on my part after leaving my day job since I do not have to travel during peak hours.

3. No more zombies and robots on the street.

Passing through the subways of Makati seems like walking with zombies and robots. Zombies mainly composed of people who work on a grave yard shift and robots on the other hand are those people who work on a regular day shift. It’s just an analogy so don’t get me wrong about this okay? During one of those times when I was on my way to the office, it’s weird to see people who walk so fast because they’re going to be late. Other people walk slowly and it seems like they are too tired from a night shift. Leaving my day job gives me more time to rest at home. It also eliminates my exposure with robots or zombies.

4. Elimination of chismis and all that stuff!

Chismis is inevitable. It will always be there. There are those people in the office who have a lot of time to bash others and talk behind their back. It seems like they are paid to do that. It’s hard to perform and stay motivated if you are surrounded with people who doesn’t value any of the work you are doing. No matter how good you are, if you don’t fit in the organization, your effort would be undervalued and remain unappreciated. Leaving my day job gives me more time to find inspiration - to work collaboratively with people who shares the same goals as mine and connect to people more with meaningful conversations.

5. Asshole boss and his political dynasty.

Several studies were made about employee retention and the result why people leave the company is that they are working for a "boss" rather than a "leader". Having an asshole boss makes your stay unbearable. It makes you demotivated and uninspired. Power tripping, unprofessionalism and lack of direction tops the quality of a person you don’t want to work with. If these qualities exists in your boss, better think twice.

Office politics is healthy and is always part of any organization but to an extent, it can ruin relationships. “Kampihan” or groupings also seem natural but not if it starts as if one camp is building an army against the other. Remember that you’re working as a team towards one goal, one aim. At the end of the day, you’re just a corporate slave working for people from the higher ups. Consuming much of your time with these unnecessary stuff makes it a total time waster and energy draining. Leaving my day job makes me distant with an asshole and inconsiderate boss. Also, all the “chuwariwariwaps” will be gone too. I am one step towards a more peaceful and healthy life.

6. More with Work Life Balance.

Having a day job entitles you to work overtime which lessen your time for non-work activities. As part of being a millennial where everyone wants to have a happy life, one should be able to explore all the possibilities of one's potentialities. No work life balance makes one’s life miserable. Everything should be in harmony. Everything should work hand in hand and balanced because too much of one thing is bad for the body, mind and spirit. Leaving my day job gives me more time to those activities that will nurture my focus, enhance my skills and develop my passion. Everyone deserves a break once in a while. Not having a work life balance is a deal breaker for me. I am not willing to sacrifice having a well-balanced life with any paid work offered in the market.

So you’ll probably ask what I am going to do now. Will I still work? Where will I get my resources for all the gigs I am dealing with? Don’t you worry. I still have work. It’s just that it’s an unconventional kind of work I guess. I just hope that this post will serve you some lessons, a one or two, and help you with  what are you going through as of the moment. I know there’s something in there that’s why you clicked this blog post in the first place. Whatever it is, the decision will be yours. To go or not to go?

Good luck!

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