TWG's Tea Appreciation Day Experience!

Welcome to TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at EDSA Shangri-La Mall

I enjoyed a funtasTEAc afternoon at TWG Shangri-La Plaza with other food enthusiasts for the Tea Appreciation Day. The afternoon tea session started by introducing ourselves to each other and share what we look forward to the event. Honestly speaking, I come to the event without anything in mind as I wanted to be surprised. All I know is, the event would be all about tea. 

Sam, one of TWG's training master shared a lot of things on how TWG started.

World's finest teas

TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, was established in Singapore and celebrates the year 1837 when the island became a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellbeing Group, was co-founded by Taha Bouqdib, Maranda Barnes and Rith Aum-Stievenard in 2008 as a luxury concept that incorporates unique and original retail outlets, exquisite tea rooms and an international distribution network to professionals. A veritable tea institution, TWG Tea is passionate about sharing its expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge.

New favorite - Pu-Erh Tea.

TWG Tea tasters travel thousands of miles across the globe every year, sampling hundreds of teas in search of the most desirable harvests direct from source gardens. Offering over 1,000 single-estate, fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, as well as tea patisseries and other tea-infused delicacies, TWG Tea is internationally recognised as a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of tea every season in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates.

Serving each tea with passion.

TWG serves single-estate teas. These are the teas which are not blended with anything. TWG Philippines has 439 different teas and is dedicated to only serve the finest teas of the world.

There is a tea farm in the Philippines and is located in Benguet but not yet formally recognized as an estate producing tea by TWG according to Sam.

Tried this muffin with different types of tea. Their TEA JELLY is a must try!

Enzo on the other hand, another TWG tea connoisseur, shared to us the types of tea and how they differ from one another.

Camellia sinensis is a species of evergreen shrub or small tree whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea. Therefore, chamomile or ginger cannot be called as "authentic tea" as it comes from flower/vegetable but can just be called "herbal tea" .

Which is which?

Here are the type of teas and my takeaways during the discussion:

White tea

White Tea

This tea is considered as the purest of all tea. Tea leaves can only be harvested in China as it is the largest tea producing country. White tea has the highest anti-oxidant in all the types of tea and also has the lowest caffeine content. 

Green tea

Green Tea - Japanese Method

Green tea - Chinese Method

There are 2 types of green tea. One is Japanese Method which undergo the process of steaming and Chinese Method which undergo panfrying. Green tea is believed to have the highest Vitamin C content and is considered as white wine of tea. 

Blue tea

Blue Tea

There are 2 types of blue tea. One is the Chinese Oolong and the other one is the Formosa Oolong which came from Taiwan. Chinese Oolong is fermented 35 to 40% while Formosa Oolong is fermented 65 to 70% thus having a different variant. Blue tea is believe to be good for people who wishes to lose weight as it speeds up the metabolism. Blue tea has this flowery finish.
Black tea

Black tea contains the highest level of caffeine and can be almost compared to coffee. I am lucky enough to try Darjeeling tea which is considered as the Champagne of teas. Darjeeling tea can only be found in West Bengali India. It has a clean taste and runs smoothly on the throat.


Pu-erh starts as black tea but fermented for a minimum of 2 to 3 years. It is buried inside a jar and undergo microbial fermentation. Even though it starts as black tea, the caffeine level drops because of the fermentation process. Pu-erh 1993 is also called Victoria Beckham tea as this was used by her after her pregnancy to get back in shape. Pu-erh is best to drink at night. Tea masters shared that enjoying Pu-erh is an acquired taste. 
Red tea

Lemon Bush Red Iced Tea

Rooibus Tea Bush is an authentic red tea that can only be found in South Africa. There are 14 different kinds of red tea and TWG is the only one who serves single estate authentic red tea. I really enjoyed the Lemon Bush Red Iced Tea with a hint of citrus and caramel.
Sam, ohohleo_ph and Enzo

It has been an awesome experience as I learned a lot from Sam and Enzo. I never know that there's a tea culture and there are actually 6 types of tea. I am glad to be part of the event. Thank you Dems Angeles of Geeky Kitch for the invite.

ohohleo x dangmusings

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  1. Thank you! If any of your readers are interested to attend a TWG Tea Appreciation Class, they are conducting a session next weekend (May 28) during the Shang Gourmet Strip event :)


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