#FinancePH - Ready for Adulting? Sharing Some Financial Tips for Fresh Graduates!

Graduation-related images, videos, and congratulations are all over social media. A new chapter opens as the last one closes. If you recently graduated from college, it's time to embrace "adulting life" and the duties that go along with it. You'll have more purchasing power as you advance in your job and make your own money. So it's crucial to start managing your money right away.

Send money for free when you make your transactions

Online money transfers are very convenient. However, you have to pay additional interbank or e-wallet fees if your recipients have different bank accounts. The fees seem like a small amount at first, but they add up over time. There are still some digital banks that don’t need to settle any fees because you can send money for free to any bank, e-wallet. 

Be more cost-effective when giving gifts

You don't always have to buy actual presents and shell out extra money for shipping when giving gifts. Sending money is a cost-effective and useful method to expressing your best wishes. You'll learn as an adult that many individuals find monetary gifts to be thoughtful and useful. A function on ShopeePay called Ang Pao enables you to rapidly send money to numerous recipients at once, all for free. This service is ideal for giving gifts to pals on special occasions. In addition, you might use Ang Pao to surprise your parents as a kind of gratitude after they supported your education.

Take advantage of discounts when paying bills and personal necessities

As you take on more responsibilities in your household, bills tend to pile up. Every month, you’ll have to pay for utilities like electricity, water, cable, landline, and internet. You can conveniently pay your monthly bills online and even get up to 100% cashback for your transactions for new users. 

Connection is important as you grow your professional network, both online and face-to-face.  When reloading your prepaid SIM, buy mobile data and load with digital banks to get up to a 10% discount. 

Be a smart spender and bargain hunter

Adulting is also about having fun and rewarding yourself as long as it’s within your budget. Before making a purchase, think hard first if it’s something you’ll be using for a long time. The next thing you should consider is where to buy it and how to pay for it so you can get your money’s worth. I

Set aside a budget for savings and expenses

Allocate a portion of your monthly income for expenses and a percentage for savings. To avoid accidentally using your savings, you can transfer your allotted expenses to your digital wallets and use it for your transactions. Skip admin fees and cash in for free when you link your bank accounts. For other banks, simply use your bank’s online app and cash in via InstaPay to get up to P25 cashback on your first two InstaPay transactions per month. 

For recent grads, navigating the real world and taking on financial responsibilities can be difficult. Develop sound financial practices by paying attention to these suggestions.

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