#CulturePH - 3 Reasons Why a Singlife 3-in-1 Protection Plan is Important (It’s Not for Reasons You Think!)

With most Filipinos still dealing with the lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic, the saying “health is wealth” has a new meaning. 

It’s expensive to get sick. The hospital bills stack up. Oftentimes the most common causes of medical expenses in the Philippines are not  covered enough by health insurance. And those who do not prioritize getting coverage have the same understandable, relatable reason —masyadong mahal! 

Having health insurance is your protection for the unpredictability of the future. You may not need it right away, but eventually, you’ll be thankful that you got one! 

It gives you security and peace of mind. 

While most insurance policies only cover annual check-ups, emergency room visits, and the like, existing health coverages don't cover all the expenses. Dengue, COVID-19 and accidents are some of the top conditions for hospitalization in the country. These three, while common, can lead to high hospitalization expenses, and can even cause death. Singlife’s 3-in-1 Protection Plan covers these top illnesses - para safe at secure ka at ang naipon mo na pera.  

Health insurance, protection, and coverage for you and your loved ones. 

You’ve heard the stories of friends who had trouble making ends meet to pay for their family’s medical expenses, or maybe you’ve been in that same situation. Imagine how you would feel with your family spending their savings or borrowing money for you. While you would do the same if you were in their position, it doesn’t make it less of a stressful situation. Insurance to fall back on ensures you have enough to cover your medical expenses without stressing out your loved ones. 

With Singlife’s 3-in-1 Protection Plan, you can get up to Php 750,000 for medical expenses due to Dengue, COVID-19, or Accidents. You can also include your family members in your plan so they too can get coverage of up to Php 750,000 per person.  And when you need help the most and need it fast, you can easily claim your benefits via the GCash app with just a few taps. It’s that easy!

Health coverage gives you the freedom to live out loud! 

When rocky roads have railings, don’t you feel safer? When you’re wearing a life jacket, don’t you feel braver to go into the water? That’s what health coverage  can do to you. It doesn’t mean you live recklessly, putting yourself directly in harm’s way. It means you’re not afraid that your motorcycle fall will lead to you saying goodbye to your savings or having debt to pay for your medical bills. When you prepare well for your future, your present becomes better. 

Get that freedom for yourself and your family without emptying your pockets with a Singlife 3-in-1 Protection Plan. Get it for as low asPhp 79 a month and get coverage up to Php 750,000. With just a few taps, you can buy, manage, and claim your insurance, all through the GCash App. This product is available in three budget friendly options:Bronze, Silver, or Gold so you can choose the plan that best fits your and your family’s needs.  

In life, those who fail to have a plan set themselves to fail. Singlife sets you up to have a better quality of life, free from financial stress, and free to let you live life with fewer worries and more time and money to do what you want. 

Learn more about Singlife’s 3-in-1 Protection Plan today. OpenGCash App and go to GInsure to get your Singlife plan now. 

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