#TechPH - Samsung Air Solutions: Shaping the AC industry by making comfortable cooling even smarter for homes and businesses

Because of the Philippines' constantly rising and humid environment, there is a considerable growth in demand for air cooling equipment because the high heat can lead to heat strokes, tiredness, dehydration, and even nausea. However, some people are still hesitant due to widespread worries about expensive electricity costs, installation, maintenance, and durability.

So, how does one relieve this problem and cool down?

Samsung is dedicated to delivering on its pledge to solve technological problems. In order to excite and improve daily life in every manner, Samsung has launched the Samsung DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and the Samsung Windfree Split-type Premium.

On November 25, Samsung sponsored the first-ever Air Solutions B2B Convention in the Philippines, bringing together the top engineers, developers, and professionals in air conditioning. The Samsung DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and the Samsung Windfree RAC Premium were the newest additions to the company's portfolio of air solutions, and here's why they're ideal for upgrading homes and businesses.

“We are always looking for new ways to continually advance and improve our technology,” says Mr. Dale Lovely, Head of Samsung Air Solutions Division. “The WindFree™ cooling technology that only Samsung Air Solutions can offer, is now made even better.”

Delivering comfortable cool to every corner

Samsung DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is an outdoor air-conditioning unit that provides a complete range of cooling throughout every corner of a space. It sports an AI-controlled system, the most advanced climate control solution yet for apartment blocks, office buildings, and commercial establishments. 

“Through this active AI algorithm, DVM S2 ensures comfort and stability while saving energy,” says JC Capistrano, Product Manager of Samsung Systems Air Conditioning.

The AI also recognizes the conditions of the environment where the unit is installed, supplies optimized cooling performance, and monitors refrigerant leakage in real time.

On the other hand, the Samsung WindFree Premium Split-type carries the WindFree™ cooling technology that efficiently maintains comfortable levels of coolness without the unpleasant feeling of direct cold wind. This model has a fast cooling feature that is designed to cool spaces 43% faster, farther and wider. Another significant feature is the 4-in-1 antibacterial filter that lets users enjoy fresh, clean air, and serves as a protection against dangerous airborne contaminants. 

Users can also remotely control the newest AC models of Samsung via SmartThings App.

“For multi-Samsung product owners, the SmartThings app has the capability to simplify the connected experience within homes,” Jan Martinez-Dolalas Samsung’s Marketing Communication explains. With a single tap on a Samsung smartphone, users can seamlessly connect with all Samsung digital appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerators; front-load washers, dryers, smart ovens, and vacuum cleaners wherever and whenever.

Lastly, the Samsung Windfree Premium Split-type are both rated with 5-star CSPF (Cooling Season Performance Factor) from the Department of Energy. This means that the latest models and all other Samsung air-conditioning units are energy-efficient and consumer-friendly.  

To know more about Samsung DVM S2, Windfree Premium Split-type, and other latest Samsung Air Solutions products and offerings, visit www.samsung.com/ph/air-conditioners

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