#TheaterPH - Multi-arts portal Pelikulove launches the “Shout Out Fest” Online Festival from September 19-25 for free.

A culmination of the Pelikulove master classes taught by National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee and Palanca Hall of Fame awardee Rody Vera, the "Shout Out Festival" is a seven-day online festival of short films and stage plays organized in collaboration with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. The pieces, which were created in collaboration with local theater and cinema companies, can be viewed for free starting on September 19 at pelikulove.com.

There are three sets of works to be showcased; each set is composed of three productions. 

Set A includes the short films "Libro for Ransom" by Ralph Morales and Arjanmar Rebeta, "Cooking with Love" by Viva Andrada O'Flynn and Delfin Castillo, and "When a Manananggal Loves a Man" by Raymund T. Barcelon. All three of these films deal with the theft of Jose Rizal's masterpieces.

Set B features the short films “How to Make an Effective Campaign Ad” written by Paul Dela Cruz and directed by Roman Perez, Jr. of Pelikula Indiopendent, “ Hypertext” tackling intimacy issues, written and directed by United Kingdom-based Pinoy visual artist Jovi Saysay, a member of SOA Philippine Studies, University of London, and “Quarantine 5” a story of five former activists written by Andrew Estacio and directed by Sari Saysay of Sining Banwa in Bicol. 

Set C features the play “No Trespassing” set in the sugar plantations in Bacolod written and directed by Dada Grifon and co-directed by Julius Dela Peña of the La Salle Film Society of Bacolod, “Ilaw sa Labas ng Tahanan” on two women trying to cope with their husband’s deaths, written by B. Salvador and directed by Benjie Kitay of the theater company YATTA in  Dumaguete, and “Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown” about mambabarangs now working as nurse and caregiver, also from the UK group, written by Rogelio Braga and directed by Nyel Camilon.

The "Shout Out Festival" Online Festival will also feature virtual learning seminars, talkbacks, and Q&As with artists and mentors in addition to the short films and plays. Visitors at the festival will have access to e-books, self-paced courses in playwriting and scriptwriting, and other content pertaining to the arts and culture.

The festival's content can be accessed without charge, the organizers would like to stress. However, only specific audiences can participate through prior arrangements due to the platform's restrictions. Early registrants have the opportunity to download free e-books from authors Ricky Lee, Rody Vera, and film critic Joel David.

Shout Out’s board of festival directors includes National Artist Ricky Lee,  Palanca Hall of Famer Rody Vera, TV and film director Jeffrey Jeturian, University of London Professor Cristina Martinez-Juan, University of the Philippines director and educator Issa Manalo Lopez, Artistic Director of Harlequin Theater Guild, De La Salle University and Pelikulove’s Program Director Raffy Tejada,  and indie film director and Pelikulove’s Chief Creative Producer  Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. The festival’s council of evaluators includes film critic Joel David, actress-screenwriter-playwright Bibeth Orteza, and playwright and Ateneo ‘de Manila’s Theater Arts Program Coordinator, Glenn Sevilla Mas. 

Pelikulove’s founder and President Ellen Ongkeko Marfil declare, “We are very excited to hold the first ever ‘Shout Out Fest’ as this festival epitomizes Pelikulove’s mission of nurturing an engaging and open environment towards building a creative community. We’d like to show that art is the soul of our lives and it must continue to thrive even in the midst of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, is the time to shout out our fears and triumphs, and shout out for the future.”

For questions and inquiries about the “Shout Out Fest” Online Festival, contact mobile (+63) 923359 6286 or the Pelikulove’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. The festival’s complete schedule is available at pelikulove.com. 

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