#TechPH - Kingston Technology Remains Top DRAM Module Supplier for 2021

Kingston Technology, a global leader in memory products and technology solutions, announced today that it has been named the world's top third-party DRAM module supplier, according to the most recent revenue rankings from analyst firm TrendForce (formerly DRAMeXchange). Kingston maintains its lead with an estimated 78.7% market share on $14.2 billion (USD) in revenue. According to TrendForce, Kingston increased revenue by 8% year on year, marking the 19th consecutive year that Kingston has held the top spot.

According to the report, the top five memory module manufacturers will account for 90% of total sales in 2021, with Kingston accounting for nearly 80% of that market. Kingston, as one of the world's leading buyers of DRAM chips, offers a highly customized production model, which has resulted in continuous growth in shipment scale and increased revenue by 8%. According to TrendForce, pandemic-induced lifestyle changes and demand for distance learning have increased in the last two years, driving the growth of DRAM module shipments. Kingston took the precautionary measure of being ready for those segments. Kingston's success is largely due to their working attitude of 'Kingston Is With You,' which solidifies the company's dominant position among consumers and organizations alike.

Kingston enhanced its production infrastructure to support upcoming platforms as the industry transitions from current DDR4 memory modules to DDR5. Kingston began shipping DDR5 modules last year as the industry leader and was the first third-party supplier to receive Intel Platform Validation on its DDR5 UDIMMS. This was the first, and arguably most important, milestone in validating compatibility between Kingston DDR5 memory solutions and Intel DDR5 platforms.

 “The 2021 findings from TrendForce reflect the company’s continued growth and flexibility to tackle another challenging business year” said Kingston. “As we celebrate our 35 year anniversary, it reinforces our company’s strength, position and importance in the industry as we maintain the top spot for the 19th consecutive year. Kingston Is With You and we stand ready to support high volume demands.

For more information visit kingston.com or their social media accounts below.

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