#CulturePH - 5 family home activities to enjoy on weekends

Weekends offer wonderful chances to spend time with family. Family connection should still be high on everyone's priority list even while kids are back in school for face-to-face learning and schedules are busier than ever.

Family time is a crucial component of human development. Children's self-esteem is raised, character is molded, communication is encouraged, and their emotional bonds with parents and siblings are strengthened.

Spending time together is a simple way to express love and affection—you can do it even without leaving the house. To ensure maximum comfort at home with the appropriate combination of cost-effective equipment, like the Samsung Home Air Solutions, all you need to do is plan an activity that everyone will like.

Here are five home activities to make the most of your weekend family time:

1. Organize a game night

There are endless choices of board and card games that small and big families can enjoy for some screen-free bonding time. Sitting down to play a game with the fam is a fun way to involve kids in a group task and encourage healthy competitiveness. It becomes even more exciting when prizes are at stake.

2. Huddle up to watch a movie

Watching a movie at home is one of the most inexpensive recreational activities to do with family. Just prepare some snacks, set up the couch and television, and play a feel-good film! What seems like a simple activity such as this actually creates space for insightful conversations and promotes togetherness.

3. Try an indoor exercise together

Workout tutorials on YouTube are big nowadays. It only takes a quick search on the app to find group body-weight exercises, yoga, and aerobics that even kids can follow. Aside from the obvious health benefits that come with exercising with family, each member also becomes everyone’s accountability buddies and are encouraged to stay active.

4. Do TikTok challenges

Another fun way to spend quality time is to recreate TikTok challenges. There’s a trend for anything and everything—funny scenes, dance routines, and Q&A games—and the entire family can be involved. When it’s time for playback, it’s guaranteed that everyone will be rolling on the floor laughing.

5. Sleep in and have a pajama party

There’s something about wearing matchy-matchy pairs of pajamas that strengthens familial bond and makes family time even more special. An awesome pajama party comes with the best sleepover snacks, bedtime stories, and, of course, a cool and clean room so everyone wakes up feeling happy and rested.

Diverse family types can enjoy each at-home activity. The time spent together and the sense of security and comfort they have in their own home are ultimately what matter most.

The 2.5HP Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner from Samsung makes weekend family time more comfortable, pleasurable, and enjoyable. It uses quick cooling technology to cool the space 15% more quickly than air conditioners without inverters. Families can unwind and sleep easier knowing that this air conditioner uses 61% less energy than a similar model. Additionally, it has a 3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Filter that keeps things cool and safe at home.

Aside from this, Samsung also has a 60-sqm Air Purifier with a 3-Way Air Flow and Multi-Layered Purification System to guarantee clean, hygienic air no matter the weather. It has a built-in Smart Wi-Fi Connectivity and a Numeric Display for precise and intuitive monitoring of air quality.

Investing in a functional and durable air conditioning and purifying system is a must for a fun and stress-free fambam weekend. The 2.5HP Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner is available for only PHP 52,730, while the 60-sqm Air Purifier is at PHP 22,650. To order, visit www.samsung.com/ph.

The Samsung 60sqm Air Purifier and 2.5HP Windfree Inverter have a 5-star CSPF (Cooling Season Performance Factor) Rating from the Department of Energy (DOE). This means that all Samsung air-conditioning units are energy-efficient and consumer-friendly.  Always look for the CSPF 5-star label when you buy your Samsung AC units to enjoy the benefits of reduced power consumption and save more energy. 

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