#TechPH - Kingston Leads Channel SSD Shipments in 2021

The top third-party seller of SSDs in the channel for the entire year of 2021, according to TrendForce, is Kingston Technology, a leader in memory products and technological solutions. Kingston shipped a whopping 26 percent of the 127 million devices shipped in 2021, according to TrendForce.

Shipments through international distribution channels saw an annual growth rate of 11% despite the pandemic still impairing the supply of SSD-related components in 2021. When wafer supply was insufficient to satisfy order lead time, shipment volume was impacted even if production demand increased. Kingston responded by implementing a flexible supply strategy and using international sourcing. In light of a global pandemic and a semiconductor shortage, the corporation was well ahead of its rivals. The data confirmed Kingston as the undisputed leader in SSD production, with the second-place provider only accounting for 8% of the channel market as a whole.

The market landscape is continuing to be defined by increasing demand for PCIe 4.0 NVMe gaming SSDs, which is driving module manufacturers to gradually switch from SATA to PCIe. Giving upgrades will probably improve brand recognition and continue to increase shipments, according to TrendForce. In 2021, Kingston added the KC3000 and Kingston FURY Renegade SSD to its lineup as two PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs. To help consumers who need speed and reliability run demanding games and application workloads on desktop and laptop PCs, the high-performance drives have joined Kingston's range of client SSDs. Price and the capacity to offer comprehensive global production and sales services, according to TrendForce, will play a significant role in the future growth of PCIe SSD shipments.

“It’s an honor to achieve this top ranking as Kingston celebrates its 35-year anniversary”, said Kingston. “From the beginning, Kingston’s focus and core sales strength has been with our customers and channel partners worldwide as we embody the ‘Kingston Is With You’ working attitude. Together, these successful relationships have helped our SSD business grow rapidly and the same approach in the DRAM division has led the company to be the largest third-party memory module supplier for the 19th consecutive year.”

For more information visit kingston.com. Kingston can also be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingstonAPAC and YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KingstonAPAC

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