#CulturePH - #TrendingOnTwitter: Newest historical drama #MariaClaraAtIbarra is a hit!

Twitter has become the go-to resource for current trends and insights surrounding significant discussions on entertainment, current events, and pop culture. The most recent historical drama, #MariaClaraAtIbarra, experienced this.

During the first week of the show, there were over 200,000 Tweets about it (3-9 October 2022). A young female student is thrust into the world of Jose Rizal's works Noli Me Tángere and El Filibusterismo in this historical drama, which stars prominent Kapuso performers Dennis Trillo, Julie Anne San Jose, and Barbie Forteza (@dealwithBARBIE), among others. The Noli and Fili is set in the Philippines around the turn of the 20th century, during the height of Spanish colonialism.

Viewers praised the show's original plot and educational message for offering something fresh on Philippine television. As seen on the Twitterverse, Filipinos also showed appreciation for the show’s overall production including its script, setting and cinematography on Twitter, arguing it qualifies as a Netflix-quality production.

Appreciation for arts and culture

Filipinos are avid users of entertainment, and they frequently assemble on Twitter to discuss #whatshappening in popular culture. When a new show debuts on television, Twitter is quickly overrun with comments, both positive and negative. Some viewers expressed their admiration for the show's production, cinematography, and attention to detail on Twitter. 

Filipinos on Twitter applauded the drama's narrative and noted how Rizal's work continues to be relevant to today's social challenges. @TRAHEDYAGAYS also noted the progressive and current viewpoints on social issues including labor, feminism, and mysogyny among others in a Tweet that received more than 4,000 Retweets and 25,000 likes.

Emojis speaks louder than words

The top emoji related to the series is the ­čĹĆ which expresses the viewers’ collective awe. The character Maria Clara was the most talked about character, followed by Ibarra, Klay, and Padre Salvi. Julie Anne San Jose and Barbie Forteza also garnered the most mentions among the cast. Aside from #MariaClaraAtIbarra, #MCIAngSimula and #MCINoliYarn also trended.

Here are the top hashtags related to Maria Clara at Ibarra show (in alphabetical order)

Here are the top emojis related to Maria Clara at Ibarra show

One of the interesting and current topics on Twitter in the Philippines is about TV series. You may find the most recent trends, news, and thoughts on a variety of issues within various local, regional, and international communities on Twitter.

Are you anticipating the upcoming episode? Check out Twitter to connect with other fans and discover the most recent discussions about #MariaClaraAtIbarra! .


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