#FitPH - #BeReady Everyday and Build Immunity Resilience from morning to night

For you and your family to be in excellent health, you need to be consistent, hardworking, and disciplined. Being the family's primary provider and paying the bills are only the beginning of your duties as a breadwinner; you also have additional responsibilities like running errands and, of course, ensuring that they are in good health. Taking care of yourself must be a priority in order to achieve all of that, as being unwell is not an option.

Breadwinners are searching for the best and most efficient ways to boost their own and their family's immunity to prevent infections as a result of the spread of disease-causing bacteria and viruses as well as other aspects of contemporary life.

Here are some of the immunity-boosting habits that you can start practicing to build a healthy routine that supports and strengthens your family’s immune system:

Start Your Mornings Right

If you schedule some me-time sessions rather than fretting about your to-do list for the day, mornings don't have to be miserable. Your mood will instantly improve and you'll get an extra dosage of vitamin D by rising before the rest of the world and spending some quiet time in the morning with a meditation in the sun. If you don't have access to the outdoors, take one Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®) Triple Action tablet dissolved in a glass of water each day, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, to get your daily dose of vitamin D and strengthen your immunity.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

It's the top piece of medical advice for a reason! The necessary elements to strengthen the immune system are found in a healthy, well-balanced diet. Meal planning is the key to achieving this. To reduce the amount of processed food and excessive sugar your family consumes, you can start by creating a weekly meal plan for them that includes more fruits and vegetables in each meal.

Take Vitamins and Supplements

There are days that your body will not be able to receive the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals it needs. On those days, supplements are your best friend since adequate and regular supply of essential nutrients is needed to help strengthen the immune system and help fight off the germs and viruses that may cause diseases, with proper diet and exercise. 

It’s a good thing that the world’s pioneer immunity brand since 1934, Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®), has finally arrived in the Philippines! Boosting your mornings with this family breakfast immunity drink, you can be confident in getting the essential micronutrients you and your family need. Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®) Triple Action defense combines Vitamin C that helps protects body from oxidative stress, Vitamin D3 to help strengthen immunity, and Zinc to help defend the immune system in just one tablet dissolved in a glass of water, along with proper diet and exercise.

Engage in an Active Lifestyle

Exercise not only helps you stay fit, but it also lifts your spirits and lowers your risk of developing chronic illnesses. Make it a point to move your body every day, whether it's through a full-body workout, participating in sports, or even just something as easy as going for a 30-minute walk! A helpful suggestion is to select activities that the whole family can enjoy together to foster closer ties. By including these in your day, you'll have better blood circulation, eliminate more pollutants, and boost your immune system's ability to spot infections early.

Practicing Safety Protocols 

When it comes to the health of you and your family, prevention is always preferable to treatment. You can avoid a lot of the potential inconveniences that illness might cause by continuing to follow the very minimum safety precautions, including as using the correct masks, keeping social distance, and routinely cleaning your hands and surfaces.

It will take some adjustments to your routine and dedication to keep them in order to pursue a strong immunity for you and your family. Your body and mind will benefit if you gradually incorporate these techniques into your present regimen. #BeRedoxonReady for a stronger immune system with a healthy diet and exercise.

Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®) is available on all leading drugstores nationwide and e-commerce sites in tubes of 15 tabs for Php 254 SRP and 30 tabs for Php450 SRP. For more information, visit Redoxon®’s official website, and follow their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube

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