#CulturePH - Bring the digital revolution to sari-sari stores with Packworks

Every Filipino neighborhood must have sari-sari shops. There is even a claim that there is one sari-sari shop for every 100 Filipinos. They have everything, from daily necessities to quick munchies, which is why they have a special place in our hearts.

Although they are vital to our communities, many sari-sari shops have been left behind by the rapid advancement of technology. The majority of these sari-sari shops actually still conduct business the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. While unquestionably effective, it does not allow these microbusinesses to reach their full potential. Packworks was made to fill this void.

With the help of Packworks, sari-sari shops can finally embrace the digital age and, as a result, improve sales by up to 50% using an app dubbed the Sari Super Store. These owners of sari-sari stores will be able to manage their businesses more effectively thanks to Packworks' B2B platform with mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is simple to use, low-bandwidth, and has a little environmental impact. Additionally, it gives them access to a greater selection of vendors and financial goods.

Due to the massive amount of data it brings, the app not only makes life easier for the owners of sari-sari stores that use it, but it also multiplies the effectiveness of company operations at an incredible pace.

This is the beauty of Packworks. It enables small businesses like sari-sari stores to have greater access to tools and knowledge that can unlock their unlimited potential. 

“We at Packworks believe in the power of our microentrepreneurs to drive economic growth and social development within their communities. Through the tools that we are making available to them, we are helping them see their full potential and achieve greater flexibility in their operations while greater earnings for them and their families,” Packworks Co-Founder Ibba Bernado said.

Many Filipinos who have little to no access to the technology they require to advance their enterprises see a difference in their lives thanks to Packworks. Packworks made sure the software can be used with or without an Internet connection because many sari-sari stores are situated in remote places. The entire process of running a store can still be done offline, and it can even be done remotely.

“The Sari Super Store  app works even during brownouts. They just need the Internet occasionally to get access to more promos, opportunities and so that we can coach them on improving their business,” Bernardo added.

 The app’s user-friendly interface was specially made for sari-sari store owners who may have difficulty shifting to a more tech-savvy way of managing their business.

“It's all about making sure they’re not left behind as the world transitions further into a digital landscape. It’s about accessibility and ensuring they have tools that contribute to their establishment and success,” Packworks Co-Founder Bing Tan said.

Packworks has always strived to give sari-sari store owners the best options and opportunities to grow while considering the limitations they have in mind because they are, after all, still small businesses.

Digitizing sari-sari stores through the Packworks app will strengthen their position in a community that continues to embrace technology,” Packworks Co-Founder Hubert Yap added.

With more than 150,000 sari-sari stores registered within the network, Packworks is not only helping businesses thrive, it’s enabling communities to grow and prosper, proving useful during difficult times such as economic crises and natural disasters.

For more information on Packworks, please visit https://packworks.io/. You may contact Packworks at success@packworks.io.

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