#CulturePH - Fun Activities You Can Enjoy at Greenfield District

The truth is that you don't need to travel far and wide in order to relax and recover balance in your life, despite the fact that an out-of-town trip may seem like the magic cure that makes the stress of city life disappear. Even inside the metro, it is possible to escape the daily grind. Greenfield District is a thriving neighborhood in the center of Mandaluyong where people of all ages can relax and engage in leisure activities to their hearts' content.

The 15-hectare urban development of Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC), which boasts one of Mandaluyong's largest open spaces, is quickly becoming a popular spot in the city for outdoor activities that support holistic wellness. The Twin Oaks Place and Zitan, two forward-thinking condominium projects by GDC, are also located in Greenfield District. Condo owners can easily take their friends and family to the exciting events at Greenfield District. The Hub also has a convenient position, making it accessible to the public through several routes and motorways from Metro Manila's major business centers.

Greenfield District, which is further reinventing the Mandaluyong landscape with expansive, green open spaces that make up a significant amount of the development and are further enhanced by a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, was created to provide a truly distinctive brand of urban lifestyle. If you're looking for recreation in the metro area or a resident of this integrated urban community, Greenfield District has you covered. The following are some of the things you can do in the District.

Indulge and relax with family and friends

Everyone's gut is the gateway to their heart. This old adage still applies today. Without delicious cuisine, what good is a face-to-face gathering? The Greenfield District Food Truck Fest is a fun new spin on dining, so invite your friends and family. This outdoor location is situated in the Mayflower Parking, a roomy, open parking area, and is open Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 10 pm and Friday through Sunday from 4 pm to 12 midnight. This is a fantastic setup for enjoyable yet secure al fresco dining in the new normal, with a fair mix of carefully chosen food trucks.

If you’re craving happy food in the middle of a tiring work week, buy yourself a sumptuous meal at the District Food Park. Ideal for those who want to eat outdoors, this weekday dining destination allows you to choose from a wide variety of food choices from a good mix of well-selected merchants. The food park is open from Monday to Thursday from 4 pm until 10pm and on Friday, 4 pm until 11 pm.

Finally, you can also spend your Sunday afternoon with your family and close friends at Greenfield District’s Sunset Fair which is open every Sunday from 3pm - 12 midnight. Set under the beautiful cabanas, relax with people closest to your heart in this outdoor picnic and banchetto-type event. The day of rest is best spent by making meaningful conversations with special people while listening to laid-back music rhythms and enjoying delicious food.

Achieve your fitness goals

The citizens' and visitors' health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to Greenfield District. The Greenfield District offers a rejuvenating environment that encourages individuals to engage in their exercise activities thanks to its large, open areas and meticulously managed flora. The District, created as a walking city within a city, offers sidewalks where locals and guests can stroll or jog at their leisure. Climb Central Manila, the largest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing facility in the Philippines, is another option for fitness aficionados. While you're working out, you can also get a workout in at the Mayflower Parking Lot, where functional training circuit classes are held.

Lift your mood through shopping

Even if internet shopping is popular now, nothing compares to the joy we have when finding fantastic items in a physical store. Explore the Greenfield Open Park Weekend Market to get your happy hormones flowing. The Weekend Market at Greenfield District, which is open every Saturday from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m., consistently ranks among the top weekend market locations in Metro Manila. While exploring the market, don't forget to savor delectable cuisine and to admire the arts and music.

Let your pets enjoy the great outdoors

The Greenfield District ensures that the furry companions of its residents and tourists can safely engage in outdoor activities, making it a pet-friendly location. Dogs are welcome to play and stroll through the District's parks and open areas. Customers at the District Food Park are welcome to dine outside with their pets as well.

Enjoy the nightlife with friends

It's a good idea to get a drink with pals to break up the monotony of your daily schedule. Social drinking on occasion enhances wellbeing and engagement with others. You can discover places that serve a variety of alcoholic beverages at The Hub at Greenfield District, from single malt whiskeys to draft beer. Visit the Beer Factory Express and Blackwood Bar & Grill with friends. Additionally, Greenfield District hosts entertaining events that serve alcohol, such as its Independence Day Celebration, which has more than 30 regional craft breweries and more than 100 distinct beer styles.

To know more about the Greenfield District, follow its official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/greenfielddistrict.

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