#FoodPH - Find every flavor for every foodie at the Tasty Feast in Shang!

The Tasty Feast, which takes place in the Grand Atrium from August 17–21, is a mouthwatering culinary event prepared by Shangri-La Plaza, one of the metro's finest dining establishments. As a Dealightful August continues at the Shang, take pleasure in five days of tasting classic dishes and sweets and discovering new flavors and cultures.

Shangri-La Plaza cooks up an appetizing culinary event with the Tasty Feast happening in the Grand Atrium on August 17-21

Some of Shang's most well-liked restaurants get together for Tasty Feast where they can display specialties or sample brand-new delicacies that will satiate any need. Foodies attending the event will be able to sample a variety of dishes from American, European, and Asian cuisine.

Savor the rich flavors of a Spanish bistro with Wobbly Pan. 

Begin the Tasty Feast experience by checking out the American recipes from Kettle that serves comfort food from the American South like the popular BFC or Buttermilk Fried Chicken, classic mac ‘n cheese, and grilled cheese. Or go for something more indulging by getting hefty servings of ribs, steakburger meals, and meat platters at Tender Bob’s

Corazon offers a fusion of Filipino and Spanish cuisines. 

For those looking for homey all-day breakfast faves, head on over to Pancake House that offers a variety of classic pancakes and waffles and even some Filipino dishes like tocino, daing na bangus, and beef tapa. Want something more bite-sized? Drop by Yellow Cab for New York-style pizzas or to Auntie Anne’s for hand-baked pretzels. 

Get your fave Korean snacks at Oppa Foods. 

Truly, there’s a culinary delight for every foodie at Tasty Feast as it also features Spanish and French cuisines. Savor the rich flavors of a Spanish bistro by trying tapas, paella, cochinillo, and wines at Wobbly Pan. Take a culinary trip to France at CafĂ© Lyon as it offers French-inspired hearty meals like bouillabaisse or seafood stew, pot au feu or beef shank and bone marrow simmered in a light broth, and coq au vin or chicken braised in red wine, bacon, vegetables, and fresh herbs. 

Salmon HQ offers all sorts of salmon goodies. 

Looking for something more familiar? Enjoy all-time fave Japanese dishes like sushi, teriyaki, and tempura at SumoSam. There’s also Corazon that offers a fusion of Filipino and Spanish cuisines like paella with taba ng talangka and US angus beef steak Tagalog.  

Have pan-fried baos with unique fillings at Xiao’s Bao. 

Tasty Feast not only brings together Shang's favorite restaurants but also other eateries and food communities. At the Shang event, a smorgasbord will also be served out by StrEAT Market, a well-known street food hotspot in the metro that has delighted palates with its diverse cuisine options from Korea, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and more. The Tasty Feast also features the well-known culinary community Let's Eat Pare, which has thousands of social media followers.

Better Blend showcases drinks made from local fruits. 

This year's #TastyFeastAtTheShang is one of the most intriguing food festivals in the metro. This #DealightfulAugustAtTheShang, savor a variety of specialty dishes and deals from favored restaurants and reliable food suppliers.

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